Sunday, December 28, 2014

where are we?

Thanks for visiting being Mom2Amara. This blog now exists as an archive of my former work.

For current posts on what we're up to, visit me at my new blog, 37° & Sunny!

Monday, October 06, 2014

what keeps me up at night

Everything seem to be changing at lightning speed these days.

And because of circumstances beyond my control, I’ve been in a position to witness these changes from a way different perspective than most.

I became ill. Then I lost my job. My daughter was spending the summer at her dad’s, and I was alone. Either I was really depressed or I was on a weird high, wrecking whatever fragile stability I had left. And during all of this, Mr. Sandman “unfriended” me.

My mind races thinking about the future. Is Cleveland right for me and my daughter? Will I find a job? How will I pay my bills? Why oh why did I make that bad choice three years ago? Why did I do that stupid thing last week? And why is it so hot in here?

In the middle of the night, I’m thinking about things that - with all of my spare time - plague me throughout the day. But as I lie in bed, I hear my daughter snoring and my dog shuffling, and I know I’m safe and sound.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

a visit to Dewey's Pizza, a local pizza place (review)

Me. Wannabe foodie, remember? So why on earth am I writing about a pizza place?

I've known about Dewey's for quite some time now. I discovered it by accident, after some co-workers ordered Ryan's Inferno for a work party. What's Ryan's Inferno, you ask? Try olive oil, mozzarella and gorgonzola, Buffalo chicken, red onions and ranch dressing. I. KNOW. RIGHT?

But I'm gonna be honest here. I'm not a pizza person. So when I left said office, Dewey's Pizza was no more for me. Insert sad face.

Fast forward three years. Amara and I were recently invited to visit the Lakewood location of Dewey's Pizza. And that's when I found out Dewey's is actually part of a larger operation. And when I say operation, I don't mean "chain." I mean it has locations in Cincy (where it is based), Columbus and here in NEO.

There's just something about a local pizza joint. One thing I always love about visiting

Monday, June 23, 2014

staycation in the 'burbs

Could we really enjoy a week off on a limited budget? Hmmmmmm.

This summer, Amara and I do not have any big trips planned. This is entirely new for both of us. No trips to Disney. No lazy days on the Jersey Shore. Add an extra week of custody (don't ask) and a move one suburb over, and there's just no cash left.

We can't afford to focus life on money (yes, pun intended). I'll admit, I'm not looking for wealth but financial stability would be nice.

But boy, did we make due.

Monday was for swimming in our neighborhood. Well it was a pool day for Amara. I slept.

We spent an evening in the Social Suite at Progressive Field. Our beloved Indians lost but
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